Co-living18 provides a new way to live a comfort & an exciting feel like “home” with an affordable price that’s filled with community, creativity and shared resources.

Live as part of a genuine sense community, sharing wonderfully designed spaces and inspiring events that inspires and empowers its residents to be active creators and participants in the world around them.

Co-living18 helps people to live in cities in North of Bandung, is designed to provide convenience, quality and build a great business community.

Co-living18 with the comfort of being able to retreat to your own fully furnished private room at the end of the day.

Everything you need to make the most of city life is included in the bill:

  • Fully Furnished: Pillow, Spring Bed, Bed frame, open wardrobe
  • Wifi
  • TV Cable Channel (70 channel)
  • Working table
  • AC
  • Water Heater
  • Private toilet
  • Private Balcony
  • Room cleaning*
  • Flexible contract
  • Workspace
  • Friends included
  • Communal Spaces
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